Second production for the same label in 1996 "Emotions"
Christmas project with original songs from Angel and Carlos Roque
Christmas classics in a fusion of salsa and hip hop creating a very
special sound that's full of rhythm
Arrangements and :direction:
Angel Roque
Salome a singer of salsa by Ramon Paz "Orfeon."
This album consists of integrated, original songs from
Angel and Carlos Roque that fortunately led to international success.
Arrangements and :direction:
Angel Roque
Oscar de Fontana great bolero singer with a musical career of many
drawing up this album "Yo soy el Bolero""I am the bolero" recorded
in Aroques studio.
Arrangements and :direction:
Angel Roque
Juan Jesus Rubio
A production in the studio with unreleased songs written by him that
varies from romantic to tropical.
Arrangements and direction:
Angel Roque
Ramon Baez performs a production in our studio, gender
bachata. This is a different experience as it's sounds are combined with
keyboards and acoustic achieving a rhythmic and harmonious fusion.
Arrangements and direction:
Angel Roque and Ramon Baez.
"Soy Mezcla"  "I mix" is gravy that flows with diverse rhythms, since they are a
A production with unreleased tracks and Alexis Bosch arrangements:
Alexis Bosch and a production of Angel Roque
Also the whole series of instrumental albums for piano and orchestra
were recorded and produced in our studio.

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One of the first productions was "Tesorito" in the year
1995 a salsa album with original tracks from Angel and Carlos Roque
except the Master Billy Joel song "Just the Way You Are" this project
was  subsequently signed with independent label.
Arrangements and direction:
Angel Roque.
Marta Ivelisse Roque
Carlos Oviedo
Albert Perera