Angel Roque was born in Havana , Cuba on February 7, 1964. Studying music as a child, his instrument of
passion has been the piano where he developed his technique at the Manuel Saumell Conservatory. At 16, on
May 28, 1980 he left Cuba leaving goals and dreams behind due to political issues. Arriving in the United
States , he temporarily left music to work full time in order to support himself. Then, in the late 1980’s, his
burning passion for music resurfaced and started his music career over. He formed a duet with the piano and
guitar and started performing in different night clubs and private functions. His career continued growing as
he formed the Angeles. The Angeles concentrated on different rhythms then after a year, an independent
label company signed them and changed the group name to
"Pop Caribe".

Then in 1994, another independent label company secured them for three years and changed the name to
Angel Roque and his Orchestra. He then recorded two CD’s called, Tesorito and Emociones. After that
successful experience, he developed into a higher caliber musician. Angel began performing on TV, radio,
night clubs and even in live concerts. Simultaneously, Angel Roque produced various musical arrangements
for different artists throughout this process.

By late 1997, he realizes a dream of becoming a professional piano soloist. He created his first production,
"Tres Romances" y el piano de Angel Roque; a project where the bolero was the main theme. These melodies
of oldies with modern arrangements introduced  a new era as a solo pianist and instrumental music.

In 1999, after the acceptance of the audience, he decided to do a similar project with the title,
"Un nuevo Romance", with different melodies such as, Volare, La Vie en Rose, Cumbanchero and among

After six years without producing new music, 2006 Angel begins to exert a new jewelry business knowledge
and talent that was passed down from his father whom was named Angel Roque. With being away for some
time, a production of varied tunes such as,
"Sortilegio" (Spell), Just the Way You Are, And I Love Her,
Siboney, Medley of Armando Manzanero,  and among others gave way to continue the career and musical
style of Angel Roque.

In 2007,
"Homenaje al Principe" (Tribute to Prince), Angel being a big fan of the internationally known
Mexican singer Jose Jose. This album consisted of the most popular songs, La nave del olvido (The ship of
oblivion), Gavilan o paloma (Hawk or Dove), El amor acaba (Love just), thus making this production a tribute
to the Prince.

The year 2009 evolves many new projects like "
20 Razones" (20 Reasons) Three Romances and New
Romance. Collect the 20 best tracks from these two (Three Romances and New Romance) and inaugurate a
Baby Grand piano to these tunes: Always in my Heart, Contigo en la Distancia, En Mi Viejo San Juan,Gloria
Eres Tu and It's Impossible. With all these you've got the album 20 Reasons.

The year of 2010 has arrived with the production,
"A Night in Havana", inspiring  a night of any time in
Havana. It's journey feels like a walk along the streets with a rhythm that's full of romance. A production that
from a danzon “Las perlas de tu Boca” (Pearls of your mouth), a ballad “Quien eres tu” (Who are you), a
rhythmic style “Frenesi” give this unique touch to this project and begins to concerts in different cities.

2011 What makes this year significant is because this is when a series of concerts with his orchestra began.
Also a production CD DVD titled
"Tropicana in Palm Beach" is part of the projects this year, a live concert
from the Eissey Campus Theatre in Palm Beach Gardens. Remembering the 50 "s of the internationally
renowned Tropicana nightclub, a show with Cuban music as cha chas, boleros, rumba also Nat King Cole,
Frank Sinatra and other tunes that were popular in the golden age of Cuban music and internationally.

Later, in 2012, the new production
"Romancero" gives tribute to the Spanish composer Manuel Alejandro,
with unforgettable melodies of the 70's and 80's such as Que No Se Rompa la Noche (Do Not Break the Night)
Este Terco Corazon (This Stubborn Heart) Te Quiero, Te Quiero (I love you, I love you) and Como Yo Te
Amo (As I love you). Romancero sets this year off with a great start and more upcoming shows.

2013/2014 Years of production  
"Let Your Mind Fly" in a series of live concerts from the city of Miam, Palm
Beach, New Jersey and other live performances a project that contains two audio CDs and video DVDs in HD
is made.