1-Que no se rompa la noche
2-Procuro Olvidarte
3-Como yo te Amo
5-Cierro mis Ojos
6-Se nos rompio el Amor
7-Hay muchas cosas que me gustan de ti
8-Te quiero te quiero
10-Este terco Corazon
11-He renunciado a ti
13-El dia que Puedas
14-Lo mejor de tu Vida
15-Voy a perder la cabeza por tu Amo
This project was inspired by the music of Spanish composer Manuel
Alejandro, gathers some of the successes of the decades of the 70's and 80's.
originally popularized by singers like Julio Iglesias, Raphael, Rocío Jurado,
Jose Jose, Emmanuel and others. Here is a piano and orchestra
interpretation maintaining the style and nuance that characterize the tunes,
some arrangements of Angel Roque combine his own style to the originals
thus creating a unique sound.
$13.95 Free shpiping USPS
USA and Puerto Rico
Video promo of
1-”Let Your Mind Fly” Medley Volare, Besame mucho, Noche de Ronda,
Perfidia, Historia de un Amor, Sin ti & Nosotros.
2-Mucho Corazon                           (M.E. Valdelamar).
3-Motivos & Sin nos dejan (Medley)   (I.Piazzolante, J.A. Jimenez)
4-Abrazame asi                               (Mario Clavell)
5-Vereda Tropical                           (Gonzalo Curiel)
6-La Gloria eres tu                           (J.A. Mendez)
7-Como yo me entrego                   (Angel & Carlos Roque)
Singer Marta Ivelisse.
8-Lamento Borincano                       (Rafael Hernandez)        
Singer Marta Ivelisse.
9-Medley to Frank Sinatra:  Strangers in the Night, My Way      (Kaempfert.
Singleton Snyder & Paul Anka)
10-Just the Way You Are                  (Billy Joel)
11-Alma con Alma                             (Juan Marquez)
12-Cachita                                             (Rafael Hernandez)

Audio CD 2  
1-Voy a perder la cabeza por tu Amor & Manuela (Manuel Alejandro)
2-He renunciado a ti                           (Manuel Alejandro)
3-Este terco Corazon                         (Manuel Alejandro.
4-Tres Palabras                                    (Osvaldo Farres)
5-Lagrimas Negras                              (Miguel Matamoros)
6-Smile                                                   (Charles Chaplin).
Singer Katherine Rose.
7-As time Goes By                                (Herman Hupfeld).  
Singer Katherine Rose
8-A Man and A Woman                        (Fransis Lai)
9-Frenesi                                                   (Alberto Dominguez)
10-Noche Cubana                                 (Cesar Portillo de la Luz)
11-Tribute to Olga Guillot Que sabes tu, Tu me acostumbraste &
Mienteme    (Myrta Silva, Frank Dominguez, Armando Dominguez).
Singer Marta Ivelisse.
12-Gavilan o Paloma & El Triste             (R.P. Botija, R. Cantoral)
13-El Manisero.
                          (Moises Simons)
Video DVD  
1-”Let Your Mind Fly” Medley Volare, Besame mucho, Noche de Ronda,
Perfidia, Historia de un Amor, Sin ti & Nosotros.
2-Always on my Heart                            (E. Lecuona)
4-Medley to Frank Sinatra
6-Tribute to Olga Guillot  
 (Singer Marta Ivelisse)  
7-Noche Cubana
8-Lagrimas Negras
9-Tres Palabras
 (Singer Katherine Rose)
12-As time Goes By             (Singer Katherine Rose)
13-A man and A Woman
14-Vereda Tropical
15-En mi Viejo San Juan       
(Singer Marta Ivelisse)
16-Lamento Borincano         (Singer Marta Ivelisse)
17-Gavilan o Paloma, El Triste
18-Cumbanchero                                       (Rafael Hernandez)
19-El Manisero
$24.95 Free shpiping USPS
USA and Puerto Rico
concert "Let Your Mind Fly " in Palm Beach Gardens, a production in
HD and mastered sound digitally, 25 melodies in audio and 19 in
video. Including a special participation of the voices Marta Ivelisse
and Katherine Rose beside the magnificent musicians of the orchestra
who contribute their talent and appearances as soloists during the
concert."Let Your Mind Fly " was inspired by a trip to the world in
unforgettable melodies and through previous recordings ,Volare ,
Besame Mucho , Perfidia and among others, give way to a very careful
selection to achieve this travel. The variety of rhythms, styles and eras
keep the audience in a constant flight full of memories and emotions
such as, boleros , cha chas, ballads , a tribute to the queen of bolero
" Olga Guillot” in the voice of Marta Ivelisse and a medley of Frank
I thank God for giving me the opportunity to make one more project
in my career and remain in this difficult world of art making this
type of music.
I want to dedicate this musical journey my sister Ileana
Roque, my number one fan , who did not stop attending any concert
and could not stop playing the medley " Gavilan or Paloma and
Sad " who is no longer with us any more but I know from
somewhere she is still clapping and enjoying the music .
Thanks to all my fans who have attended our concerts and to you who
is reading this
Angel Roque