1-Mis noches sin ti
2-La mentira
4-Quien eres tu
5-Las perlas de tu boca
7-Cancion a mi Habana
8-Abrazame asi
9-Medley a Rafael Hernandez
(Campanitas de cristal y Capullito
de aleli)
10-Novia mia
11-Only You
12-Me faltabas tu
13-Love story
14-Te me olvidas
A Night in Havana.
The year of 2010 has arrived with the
production, A Night in Havana,
inspiring  a night of any time in
Havana. It's journey feels like a walk
along the streets with a rhythm that's
full of romance. A production that
from a danzon “Las perlas de tu
Boca” (Pearls of your mouth), a
ballad “Quien eres tu” (Who are
you), a rhythmic style “Frenesi” give
this unique touch to this project and
begins to concerts in different cities
As always I thank God, and the network of my respectable colleagues:
Carlos Oviedo with the sounds of saxophones and flute; Richie
Yanzany my right hand man on rhythm and percussion, Albert Perera
greater trumpet, Wilmo Rivera leads with four bass strings to maximum
expression, Jorge Carlos Oviedo a new member and Carlos's son, who
complemented this project with his violin and viola. "El Jinni," Leo
Roque, my brother the computer genius that when something gets
complicated comes out of his lamp to save the day. Enrique Bosch a
great friend that with this new production comes a series of concerts
and a great contribution to the team. My cousin,
Teresa Casanueva
we were reunited again in 2004 after being separated by the same cause
all Cubans go through, has continued to brush the covers with her art .
And my wife Martica from Ponce, Puerto Rico with her melodious
voice, this time dedicated "Cancion a mi Habana".
This project is dedicated to all my fans. Especially those who at least
once roamed Havana and for those who haven’t I invite you to roam
through the sounds of a "A night in Havana"
Video promo of
"Tropicana in Palm Beach"
DVD & CD Live concert
Titles: (DVD)
1-Noche cubana
2-Siempre en mi corazon
3-La comparsa
4-Vereda tropical
6-Besame mucho
7-Las perlas de tu boca
8-Medley Campanidtas de cristal &
Capullito de aleli. (Sing by Marta Ivelisse)
9-Quiereme mucho (Sing by Marta Ivelisse)
10-Mis noches sin ti
11-El manisero
13-Me faltabas tu
14-Alma con alma
16-Contigo en la distancia
17-Lamento borincano (Sing by Marta
18-Medly Strangers in the night & MY way
20-A man and a woman
21-As time goes by (Sing by Katherine Rose)
22-Mucho corazon
23-El cumbanchero
Angel Roque's piano, his Orchestra and two
beautiful female voices will make a journey
through time in "Tropicana" ... a paradise under
the stars. A magical place in Havana Cuba
founded in 1939 that began a bohemian and
rhythm era that became known internationally.
The club soon became a magnet for international
celebrity musicians such as Nat King Cole, Edith
Piaf, Sammy Davis Jr., Liberace  and many more.
And of course the unique sound of Cuban music
where a danzon, bolero, rumba or cha cha
culminates a night at the "Tropicana"
Titles: (CD)
1-Noche cubana
2-Siempre en mi corazon
3-Vereda tropical
5-Besame mucho
6-Las perlas de tu boca
7-Medley Campanidtas de cristal &
Capullito de aleli. (Sing by Marta Ivelisse)
8-Me faltabas tu
9-Alma con alma
11-Contigo en la distancia
12-Quiereme mucho(Sing by Marta
13-Medly Strangers in the night &  My way
15-As time goes by
16-Mucho corazon
17-El cumbanchero
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USA and Puerto Rico
"A night in Havana"